She Believes She's Worthy


    We have received many questions as to how we selected our name She Believes Cosmetics. When the name She Believes began floating around social media it stood out. When you think of SHE, you think of her, me, you, and of course SHE. She Believes means that SHE believes in herself, in whatever it is she has set her mind to. Cosmetics is something our owner JasB loves. When she entered adulthood she began practicing different makeup looks after she completed her client's hair, to provide that GLAM LOOK. Empowerment is something we must do as women to uplift one another so we ALL can rise above the statistics of what women cant do. With the feeling behind that name SHE BELIEVES, the owner of this brand decided to call her first cosmetic line SHE BELIEVES COSMETICS BY JASB. Since the launch in 2016, she has decided to redesign her bottles and imprint the name She Believes by JasB on her products, in which will be on all products 2018. Branching off her Cosmetic line she also has an apparel line called She Believes She’s Worthy. She Believes She’s Worthy speaks of women across the world that Believes she herself is worthy to conquer all regardless of any pain she has endured. Be sure to check out all our products and support the movement, our doors to our store will open 2018 in a city near you.

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